Here comes my best detox vacation time

Hey again 🙂

Hope you are enyoing your week-end, do you have great plans?

As for me I am back from my vacation time and starting my last 6 months of school before graduation in march.

So as you can imagine, I am a little stressed and not really relaxing during the week so I like to remind me of one refreshing vacation place where I went this summer.

From Paris I drove to the french west sea side, to a small city near Nantes, where I used to live for a year.

The sea is a true mind and body refresher. That is what I learned during the time I lived there and I miss this place eversince I am back in Germany.  Breathing this wonderful windy air and taking a walk on the beach brings your energy back to life!

My favorite time is during sunset. Alone with my feet touching water and wind blowing through my hair, feels like in a romantic movie, only without a lover by my side…


Anyways, I enjoyed the week there up to the limit by eating good french food, dining in different typical restaurants and shopping in two citys.



La Baule is just a few minuts away and has some cute boutiques with some of my favorite brands like TheKooples, Sandro, Maje, Ikks…


IMG_8469 (2)

IMG_8470 (2)

Best ice cream place I know in France: Amorine with ice macarons on top!!

Nantes is also nearby and I went shopping in Galeries Lafayette (of course) and explored this nice city a little.

Bienvenue à Nantes


A beautiful place…


Red for love, red to get everyone´s attention 🙂 Jacket Burberry, black top Penneys, jeans skirt Only, tights Vintage, sneakers Zadig&Voltaire, bag DieselIMG_8182


I wish to travel again but for now it is Simone´s turn, she is in Tyrol in a Spa hotel right now and will be going to see the Peter Lindbergh exposition in Munich!

Have you heard of it?

Also I will be going to Düsseldorf a couple of times soon to visit some other fashion colleges, I am already pretty excited and of course I will let you know all about it and you can follow me on my Instagram storys 🙂

If you have any recommendation, let me know?!

Wish you all the best and see you soon with new storys to tell 🙂






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