Summer special: These are our favorite traveling spots in Europe

Welcome back to all traveling lovers 🙂

This past week I have been on the road again, visiting a good friend of mine in the south of Germany. She lives at the lake of Constance, just at the border to Switzerland and OMG it is so beautiful and relaxing down there.

In summertime you can go swimming nearly every day in this huge lake, there are many tourists you come to this place and also to go hiking in Switzerland, not far away from lake of Constance.

So I went to Switzerland as well to buy some good coffee and a loot of chocolate 🙂

Since it is also not that far away from Strasbourg, I went shopping and exploring this city once again 🙂

This trip gave me the idea to talk to you guys about my favorite taveling spots in Europe (of all I know so far)!

Here is our (Simone´s & mine) list of some cool city&beach&nature trips:

Côte d´azur

Not for Sale but awesome for your vacation, mostly St Tropez was a lovely place to stay!





Cute small island where you won´t have any language problems (they speak English).

It is always hot there and places like Valletta or Bugibba are lovely to visit.






„Bella Italia“, there is nothing else to add! Great country, great culture, great destination!

During summer it might be best to visit Rome for a few days and then continue your trip to the sea because it is a very short way and it will be so refreshing after the heat in this beautiful city!







Always and forever, Paris is a city where you can truely go anytime and you won´t get bored. During summer you can enjoy the Seine and its shores and eat a lot of macarons filled with ice cream 🙂







We adore this city/beach flair, so traveling to this spanish city in summer can be quite hot but also very relaxing and refreshing on the beach 🙂 Also the architecture and art there is amazing to discover.






Chic people, luxurios hotels and beautiful beach and landscape!

Ibiza is a truely well-earned vacation isle where you can leave your everyday life behind.




Found any inspiration?! Let us know in the comments! Of course we have MANY other cool and awesome spots where we have been or where we wish to go but it would have been too much to post all of them :))

One of our most loved trips HERE and HERE and HERE !!!

Wish you a lovely relaxing week 🙂

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