How to make a change/ new projects and perspectives for the world and yourself

What I will try for this upcoming time – from now on actually -> As I might have mentioned before, I am really concerned about this new booming era of fast fashion, climate change, mass production and so on.

So this is what I would like to change, meaning that I am feeling responsable (just like everyone else on this planet is) and as every single person, I can make a change!


Many of you have certainly  heard/read whatever about how to change your lifestyle.

Because if we don´t do anything our plant and everything on it will get worse and who knows how bad the damages will be!

The most shocking and worst thing for me is the treatment of billions of animals – whether for the food we eat, the clothes we wear or the products we use (cosmetics, furnishing etc.). These animals are tortured from the second they are born, most of them die very quickly after a short life of pain without any love or light.

Maybe some of you think tht I am exaggerrating but I AM NOT! Animals are very sensitive and they have feelings just as us people and if you have seen movies, videos, photos taken with hidden cameras of places in which they keep a lot of animals, you will know how shocked and angry I am.

I could go on forever about what consequences intensive animal farming has on our planet, the climate change or world hunger but I am stopping here.

Now what can I do, what can you do, what can EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING DO to reduce the pain, these problems, the penury and to have a better conscience?!

Well here is what I do/trying to do:

  • eating less meat/ no meat at all! ( I am a vegetarian)
  • no consuming of any products/food coming from animals (veganism), that is a little more hardcore and I am leaning in this direction which is not that easy
  • buying local food
  • buying animal products (meat, milk, eggs..) from local farms to not support factory farming
  • paying attention from which material your clothes, bags, shoes are made ( leather, wool, feathers etc. are gained in a very harshful way), I know that it is difficult to not wearing/buying leather and I am still in the process of trying…
  • be really careful what cosmetics you buy, many are tested on animals which – even the thought of it- is horrible ( just check on the backside of the packaging, read carefully if it says anything about not being tested on animlas and if not, well you might want to consider buying something similar)
FullSizeRender (75)
bomber jacket Topshop, faux leather pants Abercrombie&fitch, bag flea market

I know, that it is quite a list, and I myself have some problems with it but even if you just try to approach some points a little, it is fine and you do something for your environment and it makes you feel better!

As far as I am concerned, I have been vegan for a few months but then returned to being vegetarian for quite a while now and I am on my way of reading carefully about what I want to buy, to eat, to wear, to use and even if I have to forgo sometimes or pay a little more, in the end I feel good about myself and I know that if other people act like me, together we can make a change!

And finally some pretty cool fashion sites where you can shop vegan and planet friendly clothes, shoes and bags 🙂


Blouse TheKooples, trousers flea market, flats Kurt Geiger

I really hope you enjoyed this post or found some inspirations, or you just liked exploring these fashion brands 🙂

Bisous as always ❤

3 Antworten auf „How to make a change/ new projects and perspectives for the world and yourself

  1. You are so right. Thanks for this entry. Hope that a lot of people will read this. Here is another way to make a change: Buy less clothes!

    Gefällt mir

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