Where my last trip took me…

Today – or actually tonight – I am writing about a beautiful day in Maastricht, a city in the Netherlands, not that far away from where I live in Germany 🙂

As you can see, we had a sunny day there with all these other ( many young) people and I must say. he first thing that confused me was this calmness. People everywhere but almost no cars, everyone is riding their bikes and it is so relaxing 🙂

Anyways, I really wanted to go to Maastricht because of a concert which took place there. I have been listening to this band from New Zealand, named TheVeils and I just love their music. The concert was AMAZING by the way.

But before the concert started, we took a tour around the city and enjoyed the atmosphere. Since the weather was pretty good, we went eating cake and later dinner outside in some nice restaurants 🙂


So if you are planning to visit Maastricht or the netherlands any time soon, you should definetly take a bike with you (or walk) and also sit outside in some nice filled cafes (if the weather is good) and also, nearly everyone speaks English and German – so no need to fear 🙂


My concert/citytrip outfit: leather trousers from Guess, Rock&Roll TShirt Hollister,red leather jacket and bag from a flea market, shoes Zadig&Voltaire.



Taking a walk by the river, mostly in the sunset, is just so romantic #boyfriendneeded


Last but not least, this house by the river caught my attention, I like the architecture and these big windows, I mean, just imagine the beautiful view these inhabitants have every day!



Wishing you guys – as always- a relaxing weekend and soon a sunny „revoir“ with a new post on fashion, style changing and a fashionduo meeting 🙂

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