Chic, chic & take out the heels

It has been quite a while, BUT here we are, back in the game – of fashion and style – and as always with some news from hat we have been up to this past time 🙂

So  first of all, I was busy visiting a fashion design & business school, I consider to go after graduation next year (AMD Düsseldorf), but college in Paris is still my plan A 🙂

Well anyways, last weekend, my little sister got her confirmation ( it is a thing for christians) and our whole family showed up to go to church and afterwards in a restaurant the entire day.


For me the most important and interesting part, of course, was to get all dressed up because a chance like this didn´t come often this past time 🙂

I did a looong research on all sorts of shopping websites and went to a few stores and then, finally, after a coincidence, I found an awesome white jumpsuit on           



Jumpsuit Opening Ceremony (, heels bought in Tk maxx, clutch Peek&Cloppenburg, top Abercombie&Fitch, grey jacket Zara

Simone got dressed up too and she chose some bright fresh colors, which I like very much, she wore her StellaMcCartney dress with matching pumps and a white jacket from Max Mara.

FullSizeRender (74)


In church: dress Stella McCartney, jacket Max Mara, bag Chloé

Also if you are wondering about my hair, it seems a little different because I tried a new balayage techniqueso first my hair got dyed in a slightly darker tone and then painted by hand blond strands in the lower part of my hair.I just love it and best part is that I don´t have to go that often to my hair stylist because it doesn´t change that quickly 🙂

FullSizeRender (73)




The-„fashiontrio“ with my little sis 🙂

We wish you a pleasant weekend and soon ther will be my new post about a sunny visit in Maastricht and after this in Düsseldorf and Mannheim 🙂

Oh and, before I forget, our sommer vacation starts pretty soon: there will be a few trips coming up: Ibiza, Dublin/Ireland, lake Constance/switzerland, Paris (again), Pornichet (north atlantic in France) and some other short trips 🙂

So hopefully you´ll follow us there on this blog!

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