Sun salutation

New season, new blogpost 🙂 Finally!

To greet this shining sun, Simone and I met last week-end with our family and had some fun outside – I mean Yoga 🙂

Since Simone takes Yoga lessons, she taught me a little bit and I must admit, I should probably look whether to find a good Yoga class near where I live!

It is really relaxing but also exhausting, but we definetly want to do something for our body, so it is a good workout 🙂

Our Yoga session matched this garden, where we trained, too actually. My vietnamese granny and my grandpa did it all by themselves and of course with a big Buddha in the middle.




I have to admit, we didn´t dress the right way for yoga because we went to a restaurent before and it was pretty spontaneous but I think our clothes were not to uncomfortable as you can see 🙂

..and very funny 🙂

As for our outfits, we brought out our spring coats and loafers, it feels so good to finally dress with a little less thick layers like in winter!

And you can actually see a little difference in our clothes as well, I mean as I wrote in another blogpost  ( german / english) Simone wears chic brandclothes and I am mixing up brand pieces with cheap or second hand clothes (I mean I am not yet in the working area..:))




Coat Blu Deise, scarf Vintage, jumpsuit Kamporal (Galeries Lafayette), socks &otherstories, loafer Tamaris, bag Zara


Trenchcoat Burberry, jacket with leoprint MarcCain, loafer Miu Miu, sunglasses Prada


Hopefully there will be many more sunny days like this one coming up so that we can do more Fotoshootings outside 🙂

The-fashionduo wishes you a wonderful springtime with lots of love and fun:)


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