Mode & Paris = my dream

Paris is paramount for fashion, always was – always will be.          Manolo Blahnik

This quote is definetly true, I mean, everyone who matters in fashion, who loves fashion has been to Paris, one way or another. Haute Couture, Prêt-à-porter, every brilliant highlight of a fashion show took place in Paris.

Have you seen some of the new incredible pieces of the Haute Couture fashion week in Paris last week? I wish I could have been there…unfortunately I arrived too late to maybe spot one of the fashion guests on the streets…

Anyway, I got there Thursday evening and I came back on Sunday so it was quite a short stay…

Occasion for my visit was mostly because I wanted to take a look at a fashion university where I might plan to go once school is finished.

It was a wonderful weekend! We walked around the city the whole time, visiting this university and afterwards going for some shopping (still Sale).

I also had the chance to sign up for a fashion design workshop in this school for 5 days in summer, just to explore it a little!

After this visit, I am now sure that I want to study fashion design & fashion management in Paris and LISAA university( l´institut superieur des arts appliques) will be one of my choices.

Guess where 😉
LISAA university
The ateliers where I would looove to work an learn!
Showroom of some collections of the third year.

If you are interested, there will be more 🙂 You can of course also leave a comment!

Bisous bisous

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