Golden visit in Versailles

Winter 2016– almost a year has passed and my memories still seem  to be fresh as if it had been yesterday.

The Palace of Versailles, the château of Versailles, however you want to call it, it is just breathtaking, I mean, if you have ever been there or heard of its history, you know how grand and magnificent it is and how much work, time and victimes its construction had.

There are so many stories behind its walls and so many famous people have been behind them.

For me it was my second visit at Versailles and I was as impressed as before. My french family and I spent all day there, first inside and later we took a long walk in the huge gardens of Versailles, even though it was so f* cold outside.


As I said, many well known people have lived/ been to the château de Versailles and for me the person I admire the most is clearly Marie Antoinette.

The austrian woman has made such a huge impact on fashion in France during the 18th century and I think that she must have been an incredible young woman with her own opinion and revolutionary style which was at first seen with antipathy but later everyone copied her and she is still an important personality in the history of fashion today!

If you want to see more about her you might like to watch the movie Marie Antoinette, it is pretty good and I love these imposing beautiful dresses (but I am glad that we don´t have to wear corsets anymore, which Marie Antoinette didn´t seem to approve as well, she wanted to feel more free).

And so since this is a fashion blog over all, do you have any favorite fashion personalities who made a difference for fashion? It can be someone like Marie Antoinette, Elisabeth I. or more recent like Alexander McQueen…


Bordeaux short coat from Burberry, scarf Boutique Paris, knitted sweater h&m, leather pants Guess
The Hall of mirrors



The gardens of Versailles are so beautiful, even in winter


Best winter wishes<3

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