Bienvenue à Strasbourg

Hey guys 🙂

We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 filled with love, health and happiness!!!

And of course with lots of new posts from the-fashionduo 🙂

To start this year, we (mostly Simone) have made some resolutions and we´ll see whether to manage them or not…

Simone will show you her big list of resolutions soon and we´ll look forward to reading it 🙂

As mentioned in my last post, I have been to Srasbourg with a good friend and it felt like there was still a touch of christmas.

This city is quite beautiful and it was such a nice day there, I even had the chance to refresh my french a little because it has been quite a while since I talked to my „french family“ and friends…

Anyway I have also been very glad to explore the woman floors in Galeries Lafayette, Sale has started and I bought a classic black jumpsuit which I wore on new years eve to a big party 🙂

In the end we didn´t do a lot of cultural exploring stuff in Strasbourg because it was so cold and we had more fun shopping and relishing good french food 🙂


All in black with my Diesel bag and overknees
& Galeries Lafayette with me 🙂
Strasbourg cathedral


Always Starbucks addicts!


Still christmas in the air…
Lights and decorations everywhere and it is so beautiful!


So if your planning on visiting Strasbourg, it is definetly worth a trip 🙂



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