Chistmas wishlist – crossbody bag

Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbours you are doing well.      Karl Lagerfeld

Should I really invest in this yellow Louis Vuitton crossbody bag?
…or is Chanel the right one for me?!

Tough choice, both of these cute brand bags are just adorable! The yellow color is something different for a change but I don´t have any pieces in yellow to match with it… However it would be nice in summer to wear with white and grey clothes and of course, as you can see, it looks pretty good with my Burberry coat:) Another idea which just came to my mind is the idea of color blocking outfits, I have this blue leather jacket, that might be awesome together! So in any case with a yellow eye catcher, the outfit is quite interesting, but I am still thinking about it, I mean, Louis Vuitton is a rather big investment…

As for this beautiful Chanel bag, well I would say, it is a classic It-piece, necessary for every big fashion girl (if you can afford it), it matches with pretty much everything and is still an eye catcher, I mean „Hello!? CHANEL!“

In the end it will be definitely difficult to decide…so what do you readers think?

Which one would be your favorite? Or do you have another treasure, you wish to buy soon or later?

Bisous bisous 🙂


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