Hola Barcelona

_dsc2354_dsc2357Spring 2016, quite some time passed…but anyway, a story about this wonderful stay in Barcelona is worth waiting for! Not any longer: the-fashionduo is showing you what we saw during 5 days in this  beautiful and „contrasting“ city at the Costa Brava!

First of all, we really wanted to see the cultural Highlights of this city, so we booked tickets for the famous Sagrada Familia, a basilica, which is still incomplete but so beautiful, from the outside as it is from the inside! Then there is the Casa Milà, also constructed by the well known architect Antonio Gaudi.

In order to get a quick image of Barcelona after our arrival, we took a short walk down the pedestrian area called La Rambla, but it is really such a tourist thing…This street leads to the port and soon afterwards we found the beach (which made us pretty happy;)) I really regretted not being in summer at this time because it would have been so nice to go and swim in this shining sea! We even took a Segway tour by the beach, just awesome!

Unfortunately there were some rainy days as well, but we made the best out of it by going to the Picasso museum or the Joan Miró museum, they are both very nice (I prefered Picasso though because Miró has more abstract ideas than Picasso and I loved watching the evolution of Picasso`s work!)

Of course we went shopping as well but especially we planned of exploring some small fancy and unique boutiques hidden in all those dusky alleys in the Barri Gótic 🙂 We really had a lot of hope because of the good fashion experience we made in Rome -> click here to see! But after a long search and going in and out of several boutiques, we got a little frustrated because we didn´t find anything special…So to make ourselves feel better, we decided to look at some shops on the well known luxury street Passeig de Gràcia where (of course) we found some beauties 🙂 But most pieces are pretty expensive…However, I got an oversized long-sleeved lace jacket in black from Twin-Set (which I already showed you in another post -> click here to watch)

Last but not least we found some nice places to dine, especially the restaurants we went to in the evenings were very good! I can give you our short list and it was quite easy for me too cause I happened to be vegan at the time so it was always more complicated but Barcelona is really such a vegan friendly city!

So here you can see photos of our First day in Barcelona, pictures of the whole trip will be up Next, very soon after this post!

Beautiful architecture and lights
Gothic cathedral


Such a cool place 🙂






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