Good style = Good feeling

Hey all you fashion people 🙂

WE have been veeery busy (and sick) this past time…hopefully it will soon get better…

I have also been starting to prepare for my visit at a fashion University in Paris in January!!

This college LISAA opens its doors for a week-end for young students to take a look at it and I am sooooo happy to go there 🙂

For me it is very important to really carefully consider all options you have and to read all necessary information before making a choice, so it will be very helpful to look around this college and talk to its Professors, students…

My first choice would be to enter the formation Fashion Design & Fashion Management, so this is one „mixed“ formation and it takes about three years in Paris and my dream would be to be accepted there in 2018!!! Well, we will see…of course I´ll tell you whenever I will have some news.

So I just wanted to show you some new accessoires, I have bought in Frankfurt and it is very useful and so stylish for this winter:)


Looove this chapeau from Scotch&Soda
And this lovely warm coat, it has a masculin touch but it is great if you show long feminin legs and figure, and another color accent, this pink hat to make it more interesting



Finally, my new overknees, I just LOVE them and they make you feel very feminin and also keep you warm




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