Make a „stylish“ difference?

My mind feels like a big chaos of thoughts tonight and I actually have one in particular which I would love to discuss with everyone who is interested or maybe feels the same way…

My question is: what can you do nowadays to make a difference in fashion, in style?

I mean, it feels like everything is trendy and you can wear everything and it still isn’t something new or revolutionary because designers have discovered so many things and every period of time, during the last century, has its revival today, I mean, it’s very difficult these days to be remarkable, to make a difference!….

My mind keeps going every day on what could I wear next  that makes people see me differently then they are and I just can’t always quite figure it out…I also would like to create a „new“ collection of a „new“ style but I don’t find it that easy to think ahead others…

However maybe you have some interesting things or thoughts you wish to share, if you have a great outstanding fashion advice, I would be so grateful to read it below 🙂

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