Meditation outside

Waking up, clearing your mind by breathing fresh air in fall. Just enjoy a free day like sunday, take out your new coat or winter jacket and walk over and under all those colorful leaves.

Try to make the best out of this november month and take some time for yourself, meditation outside clears your mind and you feel free to start a new week and also soon to start this stressful christmas season 😉

Oh no, it is raining outside – No problem, you have a big umbrella for that and it might feel kind of nice, even like protected under it.

You are finally ready to leave all daily mess behind, open your eyes, nose, ears, feeling the sense of nature.

burberry coat,; chloé bag,


moncler jacket, acne studios cap,


Hope you have a not too stressful week ! All the best wishes you the-fashionduo 🙂

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