9 things we love to do in autumn

Grey cold weather, getting up when it is still dark outside, rain and mud…this season seems not to be so pleasant but there are also wonderful things you can enjoy during autumn!!

  1.  Shopping to get new trendy warm clothes and shoes, like a coat, ankle boots or an oversize wool sweater ( right now we love Burberry, Acne Studios, Vêtements, Scotch&Soda, Zara Join Life collection..)
  2.  Watching series with a hot tea, chocolate or coffee after coming home from work/ school/ etc. ( our favourites: Downton Abbey, Lipstick Jungle, Gossip Girl)
  3.  Halloween (dressing up in your favourite costume and getting candies;))
  4.  Trying out new autumn colors, like burgundy or saffron colors or even bright color mixes ( have a look at the new H&M x Kenzo collection (online available 3/11/16))
  5. Visiting some new exhibitions, museums are a warm place to stay and it is more comfortable to see art knowing you are not in a hurry to enjoy a good weather outside)
  6. Being creative and taking time inside to draw, bake, write, sew…etc. whatever you love doing and maybe discovering a new talent 😉  ( Janine: I did a sewing workshop and enjoy time with a drawing group once a week)
  7.  Taking a yoga class and meditate in order to relax and get in a good mood
  8. Going for a walk in the nature, the colorful leaves are so beautiful to see
  9. Enjoying a long nice diner with your boyfriend, best friend,family…at a fancy restaurant or café


Burgundy Burberry jacket and scarf





Hope you got some inspirations and ideas for something new 🙂 xoxo Janine & Simone

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