the-fashionduo: dreams and more

Hey all you readers!


We hope you enjoy your week-end even though it´s a little ugly outside(at least where we live… ). So as for me, Janine, I am taking it VERY easy today with my cup of coffee and some chocolate to stay in a good humour and write on the blog:)

School is starting on monday for me, so you can guess how I am NOT in the best mood…

The last week was really nice, I went to a sewing workshop and have been working since then on a new beige coat for me and I hope that I will have finished it soon, so that I can show it here:)

For me it is kind of an excitement whenever I create something, may it be a drawing, a clothing or a new article, it just makes me hope for my future and the way I´ll be going after school is finished.

So I guess a dream would be to launch my own brand, create my ideas ! “ Janine D.„, wouldn´t that be a cool brand name?! :)…Anyway, everyone has his dreams and wishes and I think that you should always try to go for it, even if not everything might come true, but NEVER tell yourself that you are wasting your time by taking some risks because

( I quote)

the greatest rewards come from doing things that scare you the most!

And as for me, that´s what I will try to do, and who knows,maybe  my dreams or at least some of them will be real sometime…

By launching  Simone and I were absolutly not sure of what might be after our start, didn´t even know really HOW to start and if we would hold on to it but I can asure you that our blog has made us pretty happy and we enjoy every new post and every new morning when we go on our website!

Hopefully we will succeed in the future but let´s focus on our present and try to be grateful on what we do have right NOW!

These are my thoughts for now and, well I am not such a good writer but maybe it gave someone of you who read this an impression/ opinion/ idea  or whatever 🙂

Bisous bisous Janine




Proud to be who we are 😉
but always having a lot of fun together 🙂

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