Visit Goethe

Hey guys!

As you should have noticed by now, Simone and I go pretty often to Frankfurt, well that´s because we really like this city and we enjoy shopping there a lot, you can find great restaurants as well and the atmosphere of a big city is quite a good feeling:)

So we have planned this week-end together (it was not so easy in the first place to set a date because we are both quite busy…) and it was amazing:)

Saturday we went shopping, in-between brunching and visiting a nice exhibition in the Schirn ( a nice museum), in the evening we had made reservations in an incredible restaurant, the MainNizza.

Sunday morning we had a big nice breakfast near the Goetheplatz and afterwards our train was already leaving and on sundays there is not a lot to do except going to museums or on city tours but we were a little tired after all…

So first of all, here is our lovely Simone presented in front of the Goethestatue on our first day together:)  She has chosen a pretty nice outfit with a colourful eyecatcher (her Burberry bag but also the TwinSet necklace)  It makes her look young and fresh but gives her an elegante touch as well!

You´ll see me soon after these pictures:)      Click here to see  Janine´s photos

Hope you´ll like it and that you´ll visit Frankurt soon…

burberry bag,; twinset sneakers,; acne studios cardigan,; mes demoiselles velvet top,
burberry bag,; twinset sneakers,; & other stories socks,


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