Belle vie à Paris (in autumn)

„Paris, je t´adore“, I really do because every time in that city, I feel so excited, I mean I have been there quite a lot this past year (living in a french family with roots in Paris).

So matching to the approching autumn time I wanted to give you a little insight in my last autumn vacation which I spent mostly in Paris with my french exchange student.

It has been such a wonderful stay because every day we were just free to do whatever we wanted and, having almost always the same likes and dislikes, visited a lot of beautiful places ( of course we went shopping as well).

We did some tourist visiting as well because you cannot get enough of the beautiful architecture in Paris and since I had never been to the „musée d´orsay“ before, we went there too, so in the morning we did the culturel part and in the afternoons we went shopping, eating  sweet stuff (macarons) and just enyojed the parisien life🙂

Notre-Dame in the morning, so beautiful!
Wow, all these love locks, it is really beginning to be a bis trend…but I think it also fits pretty good with Paris, city of love
Can you see me? Seems I am taller than everyone else:)


Musée d´Orsay, an old train station and now a really good museum!
Monet and many other Impressionists are exhibited on the upper floor
Champs-Elysées & l´arc de Triomphe
La Durée, OMG these macarons are so damn good, everything here is so cute and tastes so sweet:), I also love the design of the boxes and other things




Macarons to relax a little:)




Bisous bisous…


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