Frankfurt some more: Janine´s stay

Okay, so I guess Simone and I are getting from Manhatten to Mainhatten-> I mean from New York to  „Mini-German New York“ -> Frankfurt am Main🙂                                                        (if you didn´t know, they actually really call it Mainhatten!)

Anyway, Simone and I have both been to Frankfurt last week-end, but unfortunately not together because we both were with other people…So as for me, I went there to do some cultural stuff, to be precise, I visited the Städel Museum, which is well known.

Before and after that, I enjoyed good food in a restaurant just next to the Römer (famous old town hall) from where you can watch a lot of wedding guests entering on saturdays…and I also went to get coffee on a boat café on the Main river🙂

Here are some pictures and my outfit for that day, I really thought that it would be getting cold, but no, I guess I thought comlpetly wrong…




Römer City Hall (a lot of people all over this place!)


Restaurant chilling time:)    my black  net shirt : IKKS France and the coat: Burberry London


Yummy food, backed camenbert with cranberry jam:)
In front of the Römer…
my outfit….



Big hippie bag: Maze, bordeaux jacket: Burberry, black shirt: IKKS, jeans: review, with flower tights under it, derbies/shoes: The Seeker Barcelona  




seriously, everyone is copieing Paris now…but this bridge „Eisener Steg“ is still kinda beautiful


Beautiful this city! I would love to live in one like this:)

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