A day in New York

Welcome back New York lovers:)

As most of you (I hope so) have read my previous NY post, I want to continue a bit with some details:)

Talking somemore about how inspiring this huge place is! So here is one special day during my stay last year in summer:

Morning rush hour time here we come! First taking the bus to Manhatten Bus Terminal

Then down to the Subway and we are going to discover the High line park in Chelsea for breakfast…

High line park in front of me
Hungry: bagels and Starbucks
High line view
Yummy ice cream cookie sandwiches
Enjoying a walk on High line
How cool is that: taking part in a NY fotoshooting
It must have been so hot in that leather jacket and boots for the model


Next intention until afternoon:  the visit of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (5th avenue, in Central park)

I chose the MetMuseum because I am such a big Gossip Girl fan and I really wanted to feel like Blair sitting on those large stairs in front of the Museum, but also because I was quite interested in the current and permanent exhibitions!



So awesome: 5th avenue and do you see the HUGE Valentino store on the right?!
Central park & 5th avenue near the Met Museum
Feeling like a Gossip Girl queen on the museum´s stairs



After this incredible but also exhausting visit we got some hot dogs (last year I wasn´t a vegetarian yet) and went shopping on our 5th avenue return, but not for a long time because we had booked the Circle line boat trip around Manhatten island!

So back on time to have such a BEAUTIFUL sunset boat trip to see NYs skyline and Manhattens surrounding islands!


View over manhatten…
…liberty island by sunset…
…and Manhatten (and Brooklyn bridge too of course)!


It was really a SPECIAL and BREATHTAKING day and I cannot stop dreaming about it:)

Hope you liked these photos and if someone of you readers has also been to NY and could share some experience/pictures, me and Simone (because she has also already been to New York-> hopefully she´ll tell all of you about it SOON)

would definitly be interested!!




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