Best looks of august

Hello all fashion lovers who are just about to view this blog:)

Since it´s already septemper, and soon the beginning of autumn, I thought that it would be a nice idea to kind of „sum up“ our favourite looks and styles of this summer month! 

As you know (if you have been following our previous posts) summer was a good travelling time and now we are back (Janine= school, Simone= work) and hopefully we will still enjoy this upcoming time without exploring places far away form home:)

Maybe you have also noticed, that our styles are quite different, I mean Simone is over 30 years older, has experience and she has a job, so she can spent more money on brand clothes.

Me, I am, in some way, the opposite cause I spent every penny I have on clothes, shoes, bags, accesory….and I love trying out new looks, so I am doing the experience and Simone has already done it!

Anyway, I will show you guys my looooooong wish list pretty soon and hopefully you won´t miss it, when (someday) I am going to buy one thing of it!!!

Enjoy the gallery:)

Dress Esprit, bag Salvatore Ferragano



dress St Tropez Plateaus Jimmy Choo
Zara dress and bag Kurt Geiger black flat sandals
Micheal Kors Bag, Shorts Mango, shoes Pepe Jeans, others are vintage
blouse Vivetta,, trousers Helmut Lang,, shoes Valentino,
blouse Marni,, leather pants Helmut Lang,, shoes Twinset,
TheKooples dress, Zara bag, Kurt Geiger flats
shoes Miu Miu, hat acne studios
Everything vintage, except the shorts: review
Mango shorts, Abercrombie&fitch crop top, sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana, bikini found in Italy, flipflops Hollister
dress H&M,, jeans Cambio,, shoes Jimmy Choo,


WE hope you liked our selection:) Bisous

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