Chic costume coolness


I´d like to tell you a little something about what I like doing during my free time or what activities I participate in. One of my passions, I am talking about today, is also something I would love to do in the future at an university in Paris!

As you should have noticed, if you have been following our blog posts, is that I am totally into the fashion business and it is my dream to study fashion design and fashion management at the LISAA University in Paris .

I have found this „école de mode“ a few months ago and dreaming of it ever since! But it is a little difficult to actually get in, so I have to prepare a lot.

That´s why I am starting to take art lessons improving for my portfolio, I will need to turn in, when I want to apply for this school!

Otherwise I am trying to sew whenever I can because I love the production and the idea of my own fabricated clothes and for that I am also doing workshops during vacation, for example I will do one this autumn and I did another during easter vacation.

I  know that it is not on a professional level yet but I am trying hard to get to my goals…..



All clothes and accessoires are made by me, except for the leather gloves, which I found in a Mango shop a fes years ago, the cowboy boots, you might notice are from an italian shop, called VaBene.


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