Colourful ROMA

Have you ever spent your vacation in one of the most extraordinairiest cities in Italy?

I´m talking about sweet Rome!

Italy´s capital begins to bloom in spring and you are surrounded by colours where ever you look.

Flowers, buildings, shops and people, everything shines bright like the sun.

Apart the wonderful monuments like the Colosseum,

St. Peter´s Basilica or the Pantheon, an extravagant and elegant sense of fashion is spread all around this city.

Italian women really know how to dress to attract attention and you got to try to style yourself different and a little overdressed to keep up with them!

Let me show you some pictures, I took, during our stay in Rome (OMG the-fashionDuo on trip togehter), We actually do a lot of things together,Simone and I, also planning our next trips:)

So here some pictures to Rome…


Simone is so pretty here:) waering her new blue leather jacket and a Chloé handbag
Me after buying this new burberry bag ( I adore this colour!) In our hotel room:)
Our lovely luxus hotel in Rome

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