TheKooples, a french brand I fell in love with

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dress TheKooples, bag Zara, flats Kurt Geiger

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As I told you before, I bought a beautiful summer dress, classic but with a hint of lace which makes it look really sexy, in one small TheKooples boutique in Paris, quartier LeMarais.

I am still so happy about it because I have been admiring this fashion brand for quite some time now.

It was also much better since I bought the dress during Sale:)

So I am really hoping to get another piece from TheKooples soon, like a rocking bag or elegant shoes….we´ll see (if I have enough money after my upcoming trip to Malta)

Anyway, the new dress looks good in combination with colors or none, in summer time I prefer to add some fresh color like I did in these pictures with a Zara bag but I kept it simple and just put some black flats instead of red sandals.

For school I am thinking about taking my new bordeaux colored backpack, it is simple but not too much because of the color.

Hopefully I can show this outfit to you soon:)

dress TheKooples, sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana
dress TheKooples, sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana

See u soon, during my trip to Malta I will not have much Internet time:(  Janine

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