And now in English:)

 Hi everyone!

2 generations of style, that´s us:

Janine (21 years old, student) and Simone (53, assistant in an insurance company) and we are here to share our passion in fashion and to show you guys how varied fashion can be.

But no, we are not mum and daughter but aunt and niece.

Janine loves speaking French and English, she has been living in France in three different places (among them Paris and the Côte d´azur), also she explores her creativity by drawing and sewing and has already found her style.

Simone is a real talent when it comes to organization and she loves designing her apartment. In her free time she is passionate about practicing yoga.

We both love fashion blogs, fashion magazines and all kind of streetstyle.

For the two of us fashion is art and expression. We are dealing with different questions: for Janine it is important to find out how she can buy brand clothes or other outstanding things with her student budget while Simone is playing with fashion to discover how a woman in her 50s can be fancy by standing apart from mainstream. So also exploring where to find great looks for all ages, what makes woman over 50 interesting…..

So you see, we are dealing with diverse matters, but there is one thing which concerns both of us:

How to define a woman with a certain aura? Is it just her natural charisma or/and style, can we underline fashion with charisma?

Well we think so and we would like to begin an experimental journey. How to underline our personality, how can fashion help us with this.

We are convinced that fashion is an important instrument to let personality shine.

That´s why we love to share our thoughts and ideas with you on this blog!

To my mind there are NO RULES in Fashion. It´s all about the INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL STYLE. -Alexander McQueen

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